6 ways to say you just want a one night stand

6 ways to say you just want a one night stand

You know, a relationship is not just that situation where two people go out on a date, laugh, have a good time, kiss under the candlelight, make love, sleep in each other’s arms and wake up. One night stand is also a way to relate with someone you are interested in, say Athens Escort Babes.

Relationship is the contact between individuals, some kind of communication, bond or connection. You have a relationship with your mother, you have a relationship with your boyfriend, with your teacher at school, with the neighbour.

Relationships have levels. The social, the friendly, the family, the erotic and so on. Given that different people require different levels, then separate clarifications are made.

Even if you are dating, you have a relationship with a person, and the only thing that interests you at the moment is the love affair. You are not in a position for commitment and emotions.

Nevertheless, you would be interested in this particular person to have a nice night – or even mornings – without much, much more than necessary.

No strings attached as they say in my village and why not, to satisfy each other when the need arises.

How does one night stand become possible to avoid misunderstandings?

A) Do you “entice” the other person to “succumb” and play with his feelings?

B) Do you go blind, completely indifferent to the fact that the other person may also have feelings?

C) You become equal, honest and dobra, and if you agree, it’s fine. If not here’s a new product just for you!

If you answered A or B now, I don’t want to shock you, but apart from “playing”, there is also the option of being a straight person even when it comes to a fall. How; Let’s get educated below.

1. “I want to have a good one night stand, would you?”

You make your intentions clear from the start. Not in a month of dating, not after you make love, but from the beginning. Yes, good morning, because as you know, good accounts make good friends with privileges.

So tell the other person that you like to have a good time and that if this person was cool with the whole phase, he would make you very happy.

One tip here is that if this person misunderstands or is angry at the idea anyway, that’s a pretty strong sign that they may not be your man for such a deal.

2. “I don’t want a relationship with anyone in general, not specifically with you.”

We all have insecurities. Some of us have locked them up and are fooling the world, in others they are obvious.

So, when you clarify to the person you are interested in, your intentions, you may put it in a process that challenges himself and his value. Ask yourself, “Are you not good enough for a relationship?” and other such existential that pass through the minds of all of us from time to time.

No, I’m not saying it’s your responsibility to fix it. However, it would be good for you, my child, to say that you are not in a general phase and that the specific person is not to blame for something.

3. “Let’s be careful. Always”

What more beautiful when you have exclusivity with your partner and enjoy free love! What a beautiful expression of confidence! Isn’t that what they say?

How nice I was then to protect yourself with a person who is unlikely to be characterized by exclusivity. That you do not have the right to interfere in what happens in his bed when you are not present.

4. “Let’s set rules.”

Each relationship has its own separate unwritten rules. Just as you won’t call your mother when she gets her afternoon nap, you won’t let the phone ring incessantly when your soldering iron is in the background, you won’t be booking in your brother’s room without knocking on the door.

In the same way, you will not sleep a night hug with a person whose only thing you ask for is a few nights. So set rules and follow them faithfully, if you want what you tried to work.

5. “We will be for as long as we are.”

The outburst acts almost as the opposite of commitment. So what applies to a relationship, here’s the opposite.

So when lovers are looking for the “forever” and a certainty to be caught on top of it, the lens bands clarify their transience. So tell the other person that you will be like this for a while with an expiration date.

A space that does not require exclusivity and leaves open the possibility of meetings with other people.

6. “Are you still okay with that?”

Everything goes in its circle, so does the confirmation of the stability of your condition.

As you started by directly asking the other person if they are okay with the flow of things, somewhere along the way you can confirm that the data is still the same.

We are human beings, we are carried away somewhere. So if you don’t want any kind of feelings to be born under any circumstances, the secret is to be interested in them rather than ignore them.

So ask if it’s still OK. If so, continue with my wish, if not now, then I will not refer you again to the three options mentioned above. Because when we talk about truth and sex, the solution is one way.

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