Security advice from a burglar

Security advice from a burglar

Walter T. Shaw, 65, is the most famous burglar – portes asfaleias – in the United States, until today. The F.B.I. has charged him with more than 3,000 burglaries and thefts of jewelry in the 1970s and 1980s that resulted in him and his gang making $ 70 million. Shaw was never caught red-handed but served an 11-year sentence after handing him over authorities member of his gang. The second most successful burglar (the first we imagine remains elusive and unknown) has changed careers and has written a book offering protection tips so you do not fall victim to an ex-colleague.

1. Activate your alarm!

Walter T. Shaw emphasizes that we must have our alarm constantly on. He also states that we must have indications that our house is monitored not only at the main entrance but also at the back door if we live in a house.

He and his team never used the main entrance to break into a house. The police were always coming from the main entrance and it was an unnecessary risk to meet them. To activate the alarm states:

Residents do not turn on the alarm when they are home and that is madness. Why not choose security since many criminals will commit a burglary even if you are home? In fact, 90% of the houses we broke into had an alarm that was not activated

2. Stop talking too much to people you do not know well

Shaw’s victims were indiscriminately sharing potentially dangerous information with strangers, such as a trip they had arranged without realizing the importance of this information to a burglar and the danger that lay ahead. Many of the recipients of the information were in fact Shaw informants. Burglars have networks of whistleblowers everywhere. The better the burglar, the more extensive and reliable the network he maintains. Some of his best informants were hairdressers, carpet weavers and bartenders.

These professionals usually learned from the future victim about an upcoming trip and gave us details by making our plan to hit a toy house.

Today, of course, burglars do not need to invest in communication networks to find out when we will be absent on vacation or on business trips, because unfortunately we inform them ourselves without knowing it!

3. Burglaries take place during the day

It seems unlikely that someone will try to break down our door or climb on the window during the day when there is plenty of light because we imagine it will take time, make a fuss and be easy to spot. But Shaw says a professional burglar takes less than 30 seconds to break a lock, adding that the days are ideal for burglars because residents are at work and anyone doing the housework is likely to be out. to pay bills, be in the super market or settle other foreign affairs.

4. Fix your bell and put it to use

Shaw reports that many criminals ring bells to check if anyone is home. “Burglars, and especially desperate drug addicts, tend to ring bells to see who is home,” he says.

If they do not answer the bell because it is broken or because we do not hear it, it is likely that they will continue to break in and find them in front of us in our house. “An empty house is an invitation for a criminal to act,” he added.

5. Burglars are not as scary as Hollywood depicts. CCTV is their soft spot

The image we have of Hollywood burglars with guns, masks, gloves, and special tools is wrong, says Shaw, adding:

The burglars are arrogant and think they will never be caught. They are not at all worried about whether a neighbor manages to see them in enough detail to give an accurate description to the Police. But they have a vulnerability. They have neither the ability nor the time to successfully disconnect and deactivate surveillance systems and do not want to be videotaped into the hands of the police or, even worse, in the news where their own neighbor recognizes them.

6. Small dogs are better than large ones

Small and resounding dogs are a big frustration for thieves. I would never break into a house that has such a dog. They never stop barking and is a powerful deterrent because neighbors or homeowners can hear them if you look at a house during the day before you enter.

7. The kitchen is the best hiding place

“I myself keep my money in the kitchen because this is the last room the burglars go to. “I never went into the kitchen,” Shaw admits.

And if the kitchen is the last place a burglar goes, the first one is the master bedroom. Jewelry, cash, smartphones and tablets are usually found there. So, if you want to hide a delay box or a safe transfer case, you know which room to choose and which to avoid.

8. Burglary is dirty work…

Or literally! One of the best sources of information for criminals is your garbage. The packaging of a new TV in the trash in front of your house warns every passer-by that there is something worth stealing in it. Even the packaging of a product that is not at all desirable for criminals but otherwise expensive like an expensive refrigerator, leaves them wondering what other valuable product is in the house. The foreign saying “one’s rubbish is another’s treasure” is confirmed.

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